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Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash has buttery, smooth flesh that adds a delightful creamy texture to soup. It can be paired with carrots, celery, red apples, green apples, bacon, or pumpkin seeds for one of many different delicious soups.

Kickstart Your Morning With Pecans

Incorporating low glycemic index foods like pecans into your breakfast will provide sustained energy over a longer period of time. Add some pecans to your oatmeal or granola, combine them with chia, sprinkle them on your yogurt, or include them in your pancakes.

Pecans + Oats 218 recipes
Pecans + Chia Seeds 14 recipes
Pecans + parfait 17 recipes

Tofu Is Inexpensive & Incredibly Versatile

Tofu has a rather bland, neutral flavor that can be incorporated into numerous dishes and preparations. It works well in soups, stir fries, sandwiches and wraps, lasagna, and dressings. For additional protein in the morning, add it to a smoothie. When blended it lends a creamy texture to desserts, such as puddings and mousses or cakes like cheesecake. Tofu can even be used in baking as a dairy substitute in these vegan desserts!

Soups with Tofu 144 recipes
Lasagnas with Tofu 22 recipes
Dressings with Tofu 22 recipes
Smoothies with Tofu 24 recipes
Cakes with Tofu 10 recipes

Curious About Cuisine From Around The World?

If you like tasting cuisine from around the world, try browsing our recipes by cuisine type! No traveling necessary.

French cuisine 6656 recipes
Mexican and Tex Mex 11727 recipes
Italian cuisine 17031 recipes
Japanese cuisine 2807 recipes
Thai cuisine 1855 recipes
Indian cuisine 3183 recipes

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